Marketing to teens – Five key points

You don’t need a marketing consultant to tell you that the teenager market is a big market. I have outlined five key points to be considered while you are investing your marketing dollars for the teen market. Do keep in mind that quality marketing endeavours will require time, determination, and a good budget. A good way to start is to research you own teen prospects. Once you get to know your teen prospects it will be easier to follow these five key points which will give you a head start over your competitors. (more…)
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Marketing Trends for 2010

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Accommodating these trends will require a paradigm change on the parts of some companies. But whether a brand does something about it or not, the future is where it’s going to spend the rest of its life. How long that life is up to the brand, determined by how it responds to today’s reality. This year is poised to be an exciting year for marketers; trends that have been taking shape over the course of the past decade are creating new opportunities for business owners. Marketing Trends for 2010: (more…)
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Generation Y – Exploring marketing opportunities

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It takes more than selective targeting to market effectively to Generation Y. Members of Generation Y seeks products that create an ambiance and community experience, rather than just provide a function. They like brands to express a reality in which they are involved, interconnected, and interactive. To be successful, build a brand with them, not for them. Computers have made knowledge cool through a fusion of fun and learning. Merchandise concepts that make exploring the unknown fun, bring information to life, or challenge consumers to design their own products will be a sure-fire hit. Also, look for cause-related tie-ins, lifestyle sponsorships, interactive promotions, etc. to become more means by which brands can provide memorable experiences and build community. Some very large brands are struggling to learn these lessons. Therefore, they…
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