Marketing Trends for 2010

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Accommodating these trends will require a paradigm change on the parts of some companies. But whether a brand does something about it or not, the future is where it’s going to spend the rest of its life. How long that life is up to the brand, determined by how it responds to today’s reality. This year is poised to be an exciting year for marketers; trends that have been taking shape over the course of the past decade are creating new opportunities for business owners. Marketing Trends for 2010: (more…)
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Generation Y – Exploring marketing opportunities

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It takes more than selective targeting to market effectively to Generation Y. Members of Generation Y seeks products that create an ambiance and community experience, rather than just provide a function. They like brands to express a reality in which they are involved, interconnected, and interactive. To be successful, build a brand with them, not for them. Computers have made knowledge cool through a fusion of fun and learning. Merchandise concepts that make exploring the unknown fun, bring information to life, or challenge consumers to design their own products will be a sure-fire hit. Also, look for cause-related tie-ins, lifestyle sponsorships, interactive promotions, etc. to become more means by which brands can provide memorable experiences and build community. Some very large brands are struggling to learn these lessons. Therefore, they…
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Sex Appeal as a Promotion Strategy

There is one element that arouses the immediate interest of both men and women. Sex, perhaps not surprisingly, has the greatest universal acceptance of all stratagems ever used in advertising. Probably even more important are the hidden, unconscious feelings that sex arouses in people. Sex can make the beholder feel young again. Sex may also reassure men of their masculinity and women of their femininity. This reassurance may be an important consideration in today's confused relationship between men and women. Additionally, sex is one of the most basic of all human emotions. Lastly, sex is a status symbol. One of the simplest ways for an advertiser to give his models an air of importance is to bestow then with sex appeal. (more…)
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10 Tips for building customer loyalty

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I propose these tried-and-true tactics with interpersonal strategies that can deepen relationships with customers, establish greater levels of trust and build stronger customer loyalty. Here are 10 tips for you to consider if you are sincerely interested in having a business that is notable for customer loyalty and referrals. 1. Understand the true purpose of marketing. Effective marketing is largely about building trust and developing relationships. The purpose of marketing is to "create and maintain a strong feeling with customers so they are mentally predisposed to continually choose and recommend you." Successful marketing also requires being relevant and unique. This brings us to tip #2. (more…)
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Buying motives – Do you know why do they buy?

Buying motives often overlap. Suppose you just purchased a new jacket. What was your dominant motive in making that purchase? Maybe you bought the jacket for comfort; you expect it to keep you warm. You might have bought it simply because it has a style or label that you're proud to wear or show your friends. Maybe you bought it because the colour makes your eyes look bluer, or it makes you look taller and thinner, or in some way it makes you feel good about yourself -- it gives you emotional satisfaction. Maybe you bought the jacket for all three reasons merged together: It's comfortable, you're proud to own it, and it makes you feel good about yourself. As a salesperson you might think that people buy your product…
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Marketing to women – Are you ready!!

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Marketing to women will deliver more profits to your bottom line than putting the same budget against an all-male target. Marketers must understand that women are elusive. Today’s woman is modern and confident, yet still holds onto some of the traditions of the past. So while they don’t want to be associated with the nuclear family of the ‘50s, they also don’t want marketers to assume they are so modern that they don’t value traditional family roles. Marketers must move away from the status quo and towards a fresh approach that mirrors the attitudes and thinking of the current female segment. While women continue to hold a stronger position in the corporate world and choose to be single, they still hold onto some of the traditional roles and responsibilities of…
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Beware of Invisible Competition

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You might think it's pointless to identify future competitors when it's hard enough trying to forecast sales and uncover existing competitors' strategies. However, you need to take invisible competition into account when developing your firm's long-term strategies or plans, especially plans for global expansion. In fact, just thinking about new, future competition is worthwhile for the following reasons: It facilitates the long-term view. It forces you to look beyond the obvious and evaluate new international players; disparate companies joining in a potential alliance, joint venture, or merger. It helps you identify future business-building opportunities for your own company. This link between what people considered two very disparate companies spurred thinking about competition we cannot easily envision, or what is called "Invisible Competition” Competition isn't really invisible, of course. But we…
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A Customer

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Sam Walton founder of Wal-Mart nicely describes A Customer... A customer is the most important person in any business A customer is not dependent upon us. We are dependent upon him/her. A customer is not an interruption of our work. He/she is the sole purpose of it. A customer does us a favor when he comes in. We aren't doing him a favor by waiting on him/her. A customer is an essential part of our business--not an outsider. A customer is not just money in the cash register. He/she is a human being with feelings and deserves to be treated with respect. A customer is a person who comes to us with needs and wants. It is our job to fill them. A customer deserves the most courteous attention we can give him/her.…
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Viral Marketing… to do or not to do

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What is viral marketing? The intended result of viral marketing is word-of-mouth marketing, which is when people tell other people about the great new video on YouTube, or application on Facebook. Viral marketing is something that has been created by the company themselves to promote their products, in the hope that people who see the campaign will be so impressed that they will pass on the message to their friends and family. Hundreds of companies, large and small, are coming up with ingenious ways to promote themselves, by posting videos on YouTube, inventing adver-games, and even employing “connector agents” who spread the buzz about a new product or sale through their own social networks. Inc. Magazine recently reported that 82 percent of the fastest-growing private companies are using these kinds…
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Marketing Mix for Retaining Customers

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To achieve better sales and profits, most companies could be doing more to cultivate business from their existing customers. However, enthusiasm for customer-retaining strategies must not endanger sound customer-getting efforts. How companies balance the two is the big question. To intensify reaching old customers while still seeking new ones, for many firms, will mean changes in market analysis, planning systems, management incentives, and marketing and/or operations organization. In the rush toward growth, consumer marketers have tended to regard success as stemming from obtaining new customers while unwittingly minimizing the importance of satisfying old ones. It is time for more companies to distinguish between their getting and retaining functions, to assess the balance between them, and to remedy any deficiencies in customer retention. This process requires management to value the potential…
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