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Loyalty and Customers is your source for all the latest news in the world of customer acquisition, retention, engagement, and loyalty management.

From latest tips through to how-to guides the site has you covered.

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Loyalty and Customers was founded by Chintan Bharwada in 2009.


  • Donovan X. Ramsey

    We at Money are doing a features story on no-cost services and products that individuals can receive. In compiling our list it occurred to me that seniors are a special group, qualified to receive many “free” benefits/offers.

    It’s my hope that you could speak to some of those benefits offered as it relates to the motives in marketing as described in your “Marketing to Seniors” post. Also if you happen know of anything offered by private industries, that would certainly be a helpful to the story.

    I’m especially interested in trends. Was there an uptick in these deals during the previous recession, etc?

    The story has been pushed up in schedule with a deadline for comments by COB today. I would really love to include your voice in the story. Please let me know if and/or how you would like to comment. I could certainly gather your comments in a response to this message.

    I look forward to hearing from you!


    Donovan X. Ramsey
    Editorial Assistant, Money
    1271 Avenue of the Americas, 18-31B
    New York, NY 10020
    212.522.2850 | donovan_ramsey@moneymail.com

  • Emily Green

    Hello. I came across your site and was curious to see if you’re currently accepting guest posts. If so, I’d love to contribute an article. Please contact me to discuss possible article topics. Thank you for your time.

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