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You might be thinking as how do I engage my customers on a regular basis. Well, engaging and getting them to be interested in your company product range can only be done if you soft sell your company. One of the ways to do this is to offer a free report on things like market trends, industry news, etc.

This not only applies to big companies, but small businesses can also do this with ease. I believe all business can offer a report or article demonstrating how to choose something: a vacuum cleaner, a lawyer, a courier company, a wedding planner.

One of the ways to produce a report is to get yourself interviewed. Please make sure you record the inerview and then get someone like a copywriter to transcribe it. Your copywriter can then edit the piece and make sure you have put all the relevant information in the right format and order. What you should be doing is to understand your target market and move away from “buy from me” mentality. The right way to do things is to educate your target audience about your your industry and trends. This will ensure that you are looked upon as an expert in your field. It might take 3-6 months to see the results, but after that your target audience will start calling on you for advice.

Educating by offering free information will build trust. What you can do is mention your product and services after you have engaged with them.