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Before turning your hard-earned business/brand over to a marketing consultant, you’ll need to schedule a sit-down and inquire some questions—from fundamental to painstaking. It probably goes without saying, but a face-to-face meeting which has a prospective consultant, advisor or marketing manager is a must. Relying only on recommendations from your most trusted friends and family members won’t suffice; it is ultimately up to you to make certain your business/brand are safe and being put to perform to fulfil your specific goals.

So what do you need to know? Here’s a list of questions to allow you to prepare for the initial meeting:

1. What are your qualifications?

Inquire how prolonged the marketing consultant has been in the business, as well as the length of employment with every corporation. Has he or she been with a single firm for the past five many years, or jumped around? What specialist certifications and designations does the marketing consultant hold?

A scary truth is that anybody can call himself or herself a marketer, so it pays to double-check what you are told with nationwide organizations that issue credentials. They consist of the Australian Marketing Institute, Australian Association of National Advertisers, Australian Direct Marketing Association, Australian Market and Social Research Society.

A marketing consultant’s resume may possibly appear impressive, but it is a very good idea to investigation those distinguished-sounding qualifications. Designations are only as good as the requirements to get them are. Some require a certain level of operate knowledge or rigorous education. Others take courses on weekends and have open-book exams to collect a designation.

2. What is your area of expertise?

You certainly do not desire to pay for services you will not need, or—even worse—sign on with a marketing consultant who can’t satisfy your needs. The marketing consultant may possibly have a unique focus and tailor their practices to areas such as branding, ATL & BTL campaigns, online marketing, marketing communications, research, etc.

Make sure the providers provided are a very good fit. For instance, if your primary focus is generating revenue, you’ll would like to discover a marketing consultant who has expertise in up-selling, and who understands how you can promote existing products.

3. What is the best marketing channel?

Marketing consultants may well prefer to use only wide range of marketing channels, from social media to traditional advertising. If marketing to youth is really a goal, for case in point, make guaranteed that the marketing consultant works with social media and is versed in spotting trends.

To have a sense with the marketing consultant’s track record, request about the performance of product/services of clients that would be similar to yours over short and long-term periods, as properly as throughout recessionary periods.

4. How do you charge for the services?

Inquire how your marketing consultant is going to be compensated and get it in writing. Some cost a percentage from the value of products sold, although other people might cost by the hour.

5. How often will we be in touch?

At some firms, you won’t have your personal marketing consultant. Ask: Will you be my major contact, or do you take a team approach? Discover at what frequency you’ll meet to discuss your marketing campaign. Will it be on a weekly basis, or will you call to schedule a meeting?

6. Do you obtain incentives?

Here’s a tough question for your prospective adviser: Are there factors—such as business relationships or partnerships—that could sway your recommendations? Do they acquire incentives for solutions they offer you?. They may say they do not, but quite a few times there’s some sort of compensation … that may not come out of your pocket. Does the marketing consultant get paid for referrals to market research firms, for example? Does he or she receive revenue from any mutual business they recommend? This will help you ascertain if you can find any conflicts of interest.


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