3 Best Ways to Build Successful Launch Marketing Campaign

Given the competitive nature of the every industry sectors days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate your company from the competition. It is safe to say that some companies already built up relationships with potential customers; others take advantage of their long established reputations/history which they use to attract […]


Importance of Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is practised by most businesses in one form or another, as a way of streamlining their marketing strategy by dividing broad-based target markets into specific groups of consumers, and devising marketing methods that will appeal to each group. Some marketing practitioners also use behavioural segmentation to define their […]


Importance of Online customer loyalty is now being realised

In the first years of e-commerce, it was generally accepted that customer loyalty and online shopping were mutually exclusive. The Web seemed to make customer loyalty irrelevant; at the click of a mouse, shoppers could effortlessly cover the globe in search of the lowest price, with little to hold them […]

I wanna start a business - Yeah right!

I wanna start a business – Yeah right!

There are a number of questions which most of the people ask in business, but it is too hard for them to find their answers. Honestly speaking and with experience, I have to say that those who have left their formal employment and joined to business are influenced by two […]

retail loyalty

Retailers should think beyond loyalty marketing

Australia’s retailers should rethink the role of loyalty management in order to keep pace and improve relevance with their customer base, finds KPMG research conducted for the Coca-Cola Retailing Research Council of Asia (CCRCA). The research report Making the Connection: Rethinking the role of loyalty management was based on in-depth […]

Your new challenger

Your new challenger: Conversion Killer

Like the few political goons that swipe away the poll booths misleading the count of votes, conversion killers are those invisible culprits of the virtual world who snatch away all your leads and sales of the landing page thus reducing its visibility and SEO. Beware of the hidden sniffers who […]

How Retail Design Can Influence Buyer Behaviour

How Retail Design Can Influence Buyer Behaviour

There are many things that can influence buyer behaviour. A great product, strong brand values, and emotional ties are just three ways in which retailers can build relationships with their customers. But how can brands influence the behaviour or new customers – whether first time buyers or customers in a new […]

Marketing Meets Philanthropy – Ways to Kick Start Cause Marketing

Marketing Meets Philanthropy – Ways to Kick Start Cause Marketing

A number of retail brands, which are forward looking, have landed on the quantifiable successes of marketing in a sector that appears most unlikely, the field of philanthropy. What come to the mind first are appeals for more support to noble citizenship. Of course, there are noble reasons for charitable […]

Smart Ideas to Involve Your Board on the Upcoming Marketing Activities

Smart Ideas to Involve Your Board on Upcoming Marketing Activities

Companies are concerned about their boardrooms. As a result, a number of organizations have become responsible on how their customers are engaged. How their marketing progress has been redefined by developments like those of social media, the mobile web together with thriving data even though some companies have different dynamics […]