Viral Marketing… to do or not to do

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What is viral marketing? The intended result of viral marketing is word-of-mouth marketing, which is when people tell other people about the great new video on YouTube, or application on Facebook. Viral marketing is something that has been created by the company themselves to promote their products, in the hope that people who see the campaign will be so impressed that they will pass on the message to their friends and family. Hundreds of companies, large and small, are coming up with ingenious ways to promote themselves, by posting videos on YouTube, inventing adver-games, and even employing “connector agents” who spread the buzz about a new product or sale through their own social networks. Inc. Magazine recently reported that 82 percent of the fastest-growing private companies are using these kinds…
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Marketing Mix for Retaining Customers

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To achieve better sales and profits, most companies could be doing more to cultivate business from their existing customers. However, enthusiasm for customer-retaining strategies must not endanger sound customer-getting efforts. How companies balance the two is the big question. To intensify reaching old customers while still seeking new ones, for many firms, will mean changes in market analysis, planning systems, management incentives, and marketing and/or operations organization. In the rush toward growth, consumer marketers have tended to regard success as stemming from obtaining new customers while unwittingly minimizing the importance of satisfying old ones. It is time for more companies to distinguish between their getting and retaining functions, to assess the balance between them, and to remedy any deficiencies in customer retention. This process requires management to value the potential…
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Customer loyalty – managing, understanding and profitability

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[caption id="attachment_39" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Know your customers"][/caption] It is of vital importance that organisations understand what drives both value and delight for their customers. Adopting a customer centric vision enables an organisation understand their customers, deliver customer delight and drive for loyalty. One fundamental issue we forget is that different customers have different requirements and will be delighted in different ways. Segmentation and data analysis are critical if an organisation is to generate loyalty from different customer segments. (more…)
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Factors affecting member loyalty

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[caption id="attachment_25" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Factors affecting member loyalty"][/caption] Member loyalty is a strategic objective for most institutions. Managers around the world agree that new member acquisition alone will not ensure long-term success. Acquisition must be balanced with member retention and member development to optimize performance in the long run. There are many different terms used to describe the process of keeping members longer and becoming a greater share of each member’s lifestyle. It has been called many things, including the following: (more…)
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Customer loyalty can be a long process. You can start by doing few simple things:

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Follow up with clients once per month Keeping an open dialog always helps. Make sure you talk general things than pure business.  Remember this will help you understand your client needs and better understanding will help service them better. Network with companies that compliment your niche Find out what complements your niche. Learn some of the business/marketing techniques they use to build their business. You will be surprised to know that some ideas as relatively easy to implement. This will make you more proactive. (more…)
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Customer retention and university alumni

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I believe that any company interested in maintaining a profitable business should be interested in customer retention marketing. Customer retention and customer retention marketing are crucial for converting one-time customers into long-term brand advocates. I am looking at customer retention purely from a university alumni angle (more so alumni associations). It seems that very few Australian associations have got it right in terms of retention. Most of them spend huge amounts for initial alumni acquisition but it seems alumni retention is not taken as a priority. It’s a real pity to see them acquire members, service them, and leave them unchecked for future sales/purchases and word of mouth marketing. (more…)
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