Avoid These Three Phrases When Handling Clients

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As a professional, you could be the best in your field and still fail to maintain a steady flow of business by underestimating the importance of a good relationship with the client. If a client is unhappy with the way in which they are treated, they will find someone to replace you without hesitation. Simply put, your service is not worth it if the client is does not like you. There are simple phrases used by professionals which, unbeknownst to them, can worsen relationship and even deter clients. Here are a few examples which you should avoid at all costs.

“I’m expecting another client soon.” – This phrase can suggest that you no longer value your client now that your session is complete. While they are aware that they are not your only client, this can be seen as dismissive and rushed. Clients want to be given your full attention until they leave your office and prioritising another client will lead to annoyance. It is better to end your session by revising what has been said and stating what will be covered next time. This politely ends your meeting, allowing you to move on to your next client.

“I’ll add that to my list of things to” – While this sounds like a polite way of saying that you will get around to completing a task for the client, it can be interpreted that you already have other things to do and this will just be another bother to take care of. It also implies that you have not prioritised your client’s demands, as you have put them below a list of other tasks you are doing first. A more appropriate way to say that you will do what is asked is to say “I will definitely see that it is done” or “Rest assured I will take care of this”. These phrases express your devotion to the task without listing other obligations.

“I don’t know but I can find out” – Your client has come to you because they believe you are an expert and should know everything there is to know. While we know that it is impossible to know everything, it reflects badly when you cannot answer your client’s question. Instead of saying that you don’t know, try saying “I need to double-check my facts on that but I will let you know shortly”. This allows you to go back and research what you need to while appearing to be dedicated to accuracy. This will also make the client trust your opinion more as it seems you have done extensive research.

Your client’s happiness means better business for you. Always be sure to maintain a good relationship, and your job will only become easier.