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Like the few political goons that swipe away the poll booths misleading the count of votes, conversion killers are those invisible culprits of the virtual world who snatch away all your leads and sales of the landing page thus reducing its visibility and SEO. Beware of the hidden sniffers who are waiting to sniff your value and breathe it in. You wouldn’t be aware what’s preventing the trafficking to get followed to your page.

Your new challenger

Fear of money wastage

When you buy a product in a retail store and happily sway out admiring your new purchase, a sordid salesman smirks at you. Gradually our faith vanishes and we believe less. Next time your salesman tries convincing you with new product, you become more cautious lest you fall for their trap again. What happens to you then? You start avoiding. What if your blog suffers the same way?

Fear of mockery

You buy a product that promises huge and finally ends up being a pooper for you. What do you? You definitely feel cheated and fooled and swear to never return to that shop.

Fear of being proven stupid

Once you are mocked and back stabbed enough with false sways you don’t feel like taking any further risks of getting perturbed by those optimistic speeches. You feel the fear of being mocked again and proven stupid for your blind belief.

How would you save yourself?

How do you avoid all this from happening? Make it transparent. Bring in references, testimonials and feedbacks to increase credibility. Put logos of the brands that have endorsed you make your presence real through pictures and few personal details or friends who are your followers and can give a background check the rest of the followers about your authenticity.

Provide anti-hacker technologies, FAQs (with relevant answers), product ratings and customer reviews are effective. However, don’t post fake testimonials that can steal your momentary limelight and put you into shadow.

Use your static HTML, disable hotlinks and use effective chaching plugs. A slow landing page make the visitor stomp off and go for some other page. When you are a starter, hidden goons will always try pulling you down in your attempts but never lose hope. These goons would not leave easily unless you try shoving them off. Avoid sidebar clutters for your blogs as they majorly create havoc to you conversion rate. All you need for a good blog is inks to your resources and articles and a good sidebar. Everything else just distracts your reader and clutters your space and ultimately delays the landing period. Downloading a free report or subscribing to email letter can help in increasing conversion rate drastically. In your promotion box, drag in all your products for flagship that further helps.

So drive away the 404 error page in style and bring in more guests to thrive on your content. Create the concept of scarcity of your product with ‘Limited Offer’ to boost up the purchase rate of your customers. Add complimentary gifts or free trials to increase it more. Use festive times of the year to sell more of your products. Bring on the offers and discounts to attract.

You should relentlessly keep tweaking and testing every now and then to increase conversion. There’s no end to it with changing trends. With confidence, time and patience you turn the stone to gold and make your page your invaluable treasure. Read other blogs and follow your competitors to understand the needs. Accept your flaws and learn to change them. Being better is never ending a process and success becomes never ending too.

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