Three Techniques to Spice up Your Marketing Effectiveness Using Color

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Think that you are entering into a local café and ordering a cup of coffee with some chocolate. Then they serve the drink to you in a green cup. There is a chance that you will not like your drink. Even though, there is no indication of the actual quality of the chocolate café or the chocolate, but you would probably evaluate it with its presentation.

Do not be surprised by this. It may not even occupy much of your mind, but fact is that we all see the world through colors.

Just imagine opening an orange, pink and blue website. You will probably leave it immediately. Also, pictures of a site colored in silver, white and grey with accompanying crisp beautiful pictures will grab your attention. So, you can say that website design has great impact over company’s reputation and customer preferences.

A decision is made in seconds upon opening a website if one will stay or leave, this decision is significantly swayed by your marketing colors.

Below are three methods of marketing juice which are effective just because of using colors.

Colors are believed to improve brand management and recognition about 80 percent.

In many places, especially in the west, the orange color is linked with passion, warmth, action, fun and excitement. Yellow is associated with optimism, happiness, friendliness and grabs attention. Pink is seen as feminine, romantic, represents love and warmth. Green conveys wealth, nature and even strength. Red is power, energy, youth and boldness while blue is trustworthiness, loyalty and strength.

If it may become necessary to reconsider and even rethink about your brand, identity and values, then select those colors that speak that language. This way, you will achieve success in marketing.

Your website and landing pages are the perfect places to effectively communicate branding thereby influencing prospects’ behaviors through color.

To assist site visitors to immediately connect and feel your company and site, use color. People tend to subconsciously judge a person, product and environment very quickly, in below one and a half minutes and much of that is due to color.

Choice of color is very instrumental in steering site and landing visitors to take specific actions. About 85% of buyers consider colors their primary factor and reason in making decision to buy. Test your page colors repeatedly but always within that brand framework.

Advertising is heavily influenced by color. For example, if the company is running a social mission campaign, then it must have to use colors that are associated with the cause to enhance audience recognition. If your ad is associated with a certain public holiday, use colors linked to that holiday, e.g. black and orange for Halloween. Advertising offers good opportunities to test and experiment with colors in fonts, photography, illustrations and calls to action.

Always keep in mind that online advertisement should be different from your landing page or website. This is because display ads will be in competition with many other features on that page, which are really outside of the power to influence or control.

Remember that majority, if not all sites, normally use white backgrounds with black texts. It is therefore advisable to avoid using lots of white spaces in the ad, or it risks being lost on that page. If white background must be used, let it be encased in an outline, or your advertisements may actually blend on the page or be mistakenly being seen as part of the ad on the adjacent.

Color used well is very powerful. It brings up emotional responses, helps customers and the prospects to make useful associations with your particular brand. It helps buyers remember a brand longer and ultimately decide to buy.

When you rethink the use of color by your company in marketing, you will definitely experience a very colorful display of useful increased conversions on that site.