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Making the customers coming back for more is certainly the most seek after business principle but making it happen in reality is the toughest task of all. But with the introduction of customer loyalty program, now you can make it happen. But still there is a catch to it. People have become less inclined to the idea of carrying so many plastic rewards cards. However, do not feel disappointed because there are hundreds of mobile applications available that allow people to take advantages of your existing customer loyalty program without requiring them to carry the plastic card all the time. This is a happy relief from the burden of carrying around a fat wallet. Here we are going to give a round-up of some cool applications that will add a new dimension to the age old concept of retaining customers for a longer period of time –

Belly – With this application, you will be able to track your customers visit in a never before way. For the purpose of storing data, you can either scan their plastic card or the customers can themselves by accessing passbook stored on their mobile phones. The best thing about Belly is that it comes well integrated with different social media sites and that means, promoting the reward program will be much easier than what you think.

Shopkick Local – This is a unique of its kind app in the sense that it rewards customers just for walking into your store. This app is used by a large number of retailers as it helps them see a happy increase in the number of customers’ footfalls. Macy, Best Buy, Target etc are some of the big brands that have kept their faith on this app.

LoyalBlocksThough this app bears some similarity with Shopkick Local, its functionalities are markedly different. This app automates the whole process of customers’ loyalty program by rewarding the customers for just walking at your store. All you have to do is to get registered online and then use your iPhone or tablet as a base station and there you go. You just have to convince the customers to download this app and next time when they will be entering your store, the app will automatically recognize them and will reward them for the pain they have undertaken.

PunchcardThis app is built around a simple concept. All the customers need to do is to download this app and then take a snap of the receipt and tag the business in question. By doing this, the customer will earn his/her rewards. This app has some additional features which are quite impressive. For say, with this app, you will be able to send customize messages to customers who happen to roaming nearby.

SwipelyWeary of downloading fancy apps? Well in that case, Swipely is the fresh breathe of air for you as it does not require the customers to download the application to be able to be a part of the customer loyalty program. Sign up will be done by messages and the customers will receive reward points whenever they put to use their debit or credit cards. Another awesome feature of Swipely is that it works seamlessly with all types of point of sale system. No need to install new equipment. It is that simple.

SpendgoThis app awards customers some points whenever they make some kind of purchases. There is a threshold to be crossed and when the customers spend more than the predefined threshold points, they received some gifts in the form of a reward. The good thing about this app is that it allows the customers to keep a track the reward progress. By entering their phone no at the POS, they will be able to redeem the points.

Foursquare – Foursquare is the undisputed leader in the section of location based rewards program. However, to reap its advantages, you need to get your business registered in this website first. Once registered, you will have free access to a number of tools and its masterpiece – Analytics. So, whenever customers check in via FourSquare, they will get to see your offers, deals and more.

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