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The term “middleman” has gotten a bad rap in recent years. It’s seen as unnecessary or even as a barrier to the buying process.

But today’s consumers have more buying choices than ever, as well as a desire to spend more wisely, so they want trusted sources to help them make the best choices. Play your cards right and you could be that trusted source.

A successful brand is based on trust, and one way to build trust is to help consumer make the right decisions about everything from cars and homes to food and clothing.

Here are a few ways your website can bring consumers closer to businesses – and change the perception of middlemen.

Blogging and Social Media

Many bloggers have become famous writing about what’s new and hot in fashion, technology, entertainment and other ever-changing industries. Your business can do the same.

This almost always starts organically; you write about companies you like for one reason or another, your readers follow up and hopefully they get a great customer experience. Over time, readers come back because they’ve started trusting your insights, and as they sing your praises, other readers follow. Before you know it, others are so happy with the business you generate that you become a part of their marketing strategies.

Searchable Directories

A company like CNF Exchange could develop retirement accounts and other financial services. But for many companies, it’s easier – and more cost-effective – to be the middleman instead, connecting consumers to companies that already provide those valuable products and services.

You may have already used these sites. You need a local service provider but don’t know where to start. So you visit a site, enter your ZIP code and desired products, and you get a list of all the local providers that meet your specific criteria. Such services are becoming more necessary as people become too busy to comparison-shop, which creates an opportunity for you to find a niche.

Answering Questions

Some people are more proactive in finding information about products and services. They reach out not to websites, but to people whose insights they trust. This could be you, if you’re a credible expert in your field.

Consumers want certain amenities and features in their purchases, not to mention quality and reliability. Tell them where they can find it. Hold regular Q&A sessions where you make recommendations, compare and contrast, and provide valuable information on each business you highlight. The more you share, the more reliable you become, both to the consumers who turn to you and the businesses you recommend.

Point Consumers in the Right Direction

Consumers don’t have time anymore to sift through all the options to get to the products and services they’re searching for, so do the work for them. Turn your website into a consumer-business matchmaker and you’ll become a trusted friend to both.

This guest post was written by Michelle.  Michelle knows how to bring businesses and consumers together, and she enjoys blogging about the strategies companies like CNF Exchange can use to match businesses with their target markets.

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