Stop throwing away money! Do you have a proper sales funnel?

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Are you finding it hard to make money from your blog? If so, you’re not the only one. It probably seems like whatever you do is never enough. Maybe you’ve become desperate and are trying to push as much offers on your readers as you can.

Making money from your blog isn’t quite rocket science, even if it feels that way in the beginning. The simple reason you aren’t making as much money as you should is because you haven’t built a proper sales funnel.

You won’t get anywhere without a sales funnel

Think of a sales funnel like a satellite navigation system. Its purpose is to guide the customer to where you want them to go. Eventually the sales funnel will include an offer which the customer will be desperate to purchase.

Even if you have the best offer in the world you will still need a sales funnel. Either that or you just don’t make as much money. You know which option you’d prefer.

You need a subtle bribe

The first step in the sales funnel is getting the customer to give you their email address so you can build up a relationship and finally offer them your product.

To increase the conversion rate of your opt-in box it’s a great idea to offer people an incentive for signing up. The easiest way to do this is by offering them a free report.

Make sure you give them something they will find useful. Something that relates to your final offer. If you don’t want to write this yourself you can easily hire a freelancer to do it for you.

Becoming someone they can trust

After they sign up to your list you must build up a good relationship with them. Nobody wants to sign up for a list then be inundated with an avalanche of emails hoping to take away their hard earned money.

In order to build up a proper relationship you have to give them great, free information. Information related to the product, but something they can put into action and see results.

You can give them information in a way that will pre-sell your product and make it even more appealing when the time comes to buy it. It’s good practice to make sure you send at least 3 informative emails before you think about trying to sell your product.

It’s time for the big sell

You’ve got them on your list and built up a good relationship. The only thing left to do is offer them the product. The worst thing you can do now is act like a salesman. Don’t give them a hard sell.

Think of all that time you’ve spent building up the relationship. You need to use that to your advantage. Speak to them like a friend would. A moderately soft sell is the best approach.

When you offer them the product make it sound like you’re giving them advice. Advising them on a great product because you believe it will help them. Something a friend would do. If you can do this it will drastically increase sales.

About the Author

Vadim Kirichenko is a website design expert and believes that right content, design and a good sales funnel are the keys to blogging success.