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We get sucked in by ads every day and most of the time it’s no big deal. We are consumers, and that will never change. We need to replace products that we have finished, and we are always on the lookout for products that will improve our lives. We just have to be aware of the psychology that marketing experts employ so that we don’t end up regretting impulse buys.

Buy More Save More

This one works on me all the time. For one thing, I hate to pay extra for shipping so if a company offers free shipping on orders over a certain amount, I am much more likely to search the site for another item to buy to get me the free shipping. The only way this really saves me money is if the extra products I’m buying are something I need, and something I couldn’t get cheaper elsewhere. I also succumb to the temptation of getting a higher discount when I spend more. For example, one site gives me 15 percent off a $100 order, 20 percent off a $150 order or 30 percent off a $250 order. Obviously I’d rather save 30% so I spend more. BOGO or Buy One Get One deals are always attractive too.

Space Age

It sounds new, it sounds high tech, but it’s just a slogan. The Space Age has been around longer than I have. Try to picture “I Dream of Jeannie” when you hear it. If it has something to do with Richard Branson actually getting me to space, I’ll be impressed. When they’re not trying to get us to think their product is being used on the International Space Station, they are telling us it is “New and Improved”, or it is “Revolutionary”. These are both great catch phrases because, well, they catch us. The thing is, it probably isn’t even remotely true.


I have friends who “Coupon” instead of shop. They go out on a mission each day, armed with a binder filled with coupons, a list of stores they have to get to and at the end of their day they post photos on facebook of their entire dinner table stacked with piles of stuff they spent all day getting, and only spent $3.54 on. It’s incredible. It would be awesome if there was anything in the pile that they actually needed. Sure, they usually have 10 cases of Coke or Pepsi, perhaps a stick of deodorant, but mostly it’s a heap of crap that ends up stacked in the garage, and before long, they look like they are stockpiling for an apocalypse. I secretly suspect my friends are hoarders. It’s actually not a secret, I usually comment on their photos that there are self help groups to get them over this nonsense. Somebody needs to design an app for people like me. I’d like to make a list of groceries I need, push a button and instantly download all the coupons to my phone. They should all work in the store that is closest to my house so I’m not wasting gas driving all over town.

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Jane Lawrence is a marketing professional and entrepreneur who loves to write about the most effective marketing strategies out there.

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  • Coupons have been tried and tested as an effective advertising medium. The fact that you will get something for free or at a cheaper cost is already quite enticing.

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