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No doubt about it, social media can be one of the most effective marketing tools available. That is only if you use it correctly. Engaging your audience and pulling new leads for your business via social media all boils down to your popularity. Your popularity will determine how people see and interact with your brand, and will also greatly influence your profits. If you find yourself lost and not knowing where to start, then this will probably be the best guide you’ll ever come across. Here are a few tips that will dramatically increase your social network popularity.

Pay attention to the things you share!

In social networks, sharing pics, information, interesting websites, and trending news can bring a significant boost to your popularity. This is because sharing these particular items will get people to view you as a leader and authority in your chosen niche. Your audience will come to see you as the go-to person for information as well as an industry “insider”. This means more trust, credibility, and respect for your brand, which in turn means more followers and more sales!

Before you take this advice and begin your sharing though, it is very important that you learn which items and news stories engage your audience the most. This means actually double checking past status updates and making notes about their popularity. Although this may seem like more work, your notes do not have to be detailed. This is important because sharing stories your followers do not care about can be a huge brand killer. Besides, no one wants to be associated with the “unpopular” kid. The same thing holds true for social media.

Respond to your followers updates

Reaching out to your followers shows that you are paying attention to their needs and the things that go on in their lives. Even something as simple as wishing someone luck on their choir performance can leave a big impact. It shows that you are not there just to sell them things and shows that you are a part of their personal lives. The impact from this alone can be very powerful and serve to increase your brand recognition. Having your social updates receive tons of comments, likes, and shares can do wonders at growing your niche credibility, which will in turn make it easier for you to get new followers. This is because everyone desires to be a part of an engaging community, and by fostering your own you help to satisfy this desire.

The bottom line

Social media popularity all comes down to engagement. How you interact with your followers will determine whether or not they see you in a favorable light. Following the tips in this guide will help to ensure that you mold your brand image correctly the first time, and with as little hassle and confusion as possible.

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