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Thinaire Transmedia Network LLC, is set to revolutionize brand building with a unique and compelling form of engagement marketing that connects off-line media to rich mobile experiences…with a simple tap.

Thinaire – the leader in Near Field Communications (NFC) engagement and activation, has launched its patent protected, cloud-based services platform that provides consumers with an intuitive and frictionless way to engage with their favorite brands and connect to compelling and relevant mobile experiences that build loyalty, promote brand evangelism, and drive commerce.

Thinaire’s campaign creation platform enables marketers to capture real-time engagement behavior and preferences ranging from the time and location of a brand interaction, to the level of engagement and purchase activity. Marketers can now connect with consumers seamlessly and immerse them in a brand experience with one swift motion.

Where QR codes have been challenged – requiring the download of an app and uploading of a bar code before accessing content, NFC enables users to immediately interact with brands with just the simple tap of a smartphone. One tap on any RFID-embedded promotional item such as a poster, magazine ad, or retail point of sale, and Thinaire’s frictionless technology, instantly connects the consumer to the brand at a deeper level than ever before. Thinaire not only enables consumers to visit a web page, but also view rich media, receive special offers, share the experience, and make a purchase from their smartphone – quickly, easily and securely.

Pioneers in the application of NFC in marketing and advertising, Thinaire has been developing and refining its platform in anticipation of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and mobile carriers delivering NFC enabled phones. That time has come.

“This is the moment every CMO has been waiting for,” states Patrick Meyer, Thinaire’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Thinaire details location, occasion, brand, and social interaction so ROI can be determined, and then provides input for future one-to-one efforts. ”

Thinaire provides a game-changing complement to e-wallets. It delivers deeper brand engagement and activation, and peer-to-peer social connection, then provides the on-ramp to purchases on a mobile device, and/or at retail point of sale.

“The integration of NFC enabled marketing should be on the radar of every major marketer and agency in the lead-up to 2013 planning, and Thinaire is the platform they should be considering,” Meyer says.

In the nominated initiative, Thinaire, in Q4 2011, partnered with Kraft Foods and Horizon Media to launch a ground-breaking campaign for Hall’s Warm-ups cough drops. Utilizing the Thinaire platform, the roll-out of two new Hall’s Warm-ups flavors were brought to life at bus shelters located near select Walgreens stores in Chicago. A simple “Tap or Snap” (using NFC or QR) with their smartphone gave consumers the opportunity to connect and “Like” the brand’s Facebook page, then vote for one of two new Hall’s Warm-up flavors: Apple Cider or Mocha Mint.

Thinaire also worked with Mun2 last month, pushing the second season of NBC Universal’s leading prime-time show, I Love Jenni, via specially created, one-of-a-kind NFC enabled kiosks. They arrived on New York streets in March allowing smartphone users to access interactive video content, featuring exclusive behind-the-scenes and preview content, as well as quizzes supported by social media platforms.

The design principle for Thinaire’s platform is a fusion of social and mobile technology integrated into a rich and engaging operating environment, enabled by NFC and commonplace mobile engagement technologies. The result turns static media impressions into dynamic mobile consumer experiences.

NFC has already begun to be widely adopted by the mobile phone industry and projections indicate that a significant percentage of new smartphones will have NFC technology by the end of 2012. In September, Google launched its Google Android with NFC capabilities, and every major mobile player has launched, or has announced their NFC roll-outs. Apple is expected to integrate NFC into its next generation iPhone in the fall of 2012.

Nielsen and Gartner research data show that within the US, nearly half of all mobile phones are now smartphones, and the figure is projected to rise rapidly throughout 2012 and beyond.

Source:  Thinaire Transmedia Network LLC