Sage VP Hal Bloom shared his expertise on customer intelligence

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Sage’s Hal Bloom, vice president (VP) of market research, participated in an education session on using customer intelligence information as part of customer experience management (CEM) at last week’s 9th Annual SCORE (Symposium for Customer Operations & Relationships Exposition) event, held at the Seaport Hotel in Boston, Mass.

As head of the Sage North America market research team, Bloom is responsible for providing strategic direction to the corporation by designing, conducting, and analyzing all market research. He has more than 35 years of domestic and international expertise in all aspects of marketing research, long-range strategic planning, new business development, and customer loyalty in Fortune 500 companies, including Coca-Cola, Pillsbury, Tupperware, and Grey Advertising. Bloom has also been a consultant for major advertising agencies, service industries, and small businesses, and has contributed to such media outlets as CustomerThink, Journal of Advertising Research, and KMWorld.

Bloom discussed the constantly evolving customer intelligence best practices and why they are a fundamental component of customer relationship management (CRM). He also discussed how knowing core characteristics of different kinds of customers can help companies more easily and accurately predict purchase decisions, as well as make choices about product improvements, new product/service offerings, and more. Attendees learnt about the tools to use, and how to use them to get ahead of the competition, while strengthening their customer relationships.